Don’t Get Involved

Friday, about seventy-five women appeared in the church. I ignored them. They set up shop in the basement and started talking about Jesus. I had nothing to do with it. They filled the kitchen with good food. I chose to not partake. These women were a mix of members, prospects, and friends. Many of these women know me as their pastor. I hardly spoke a word to any of them on Friday.

And it was a good thing.

Friday our church held their traditional “Elegant Advent.” It’s an evening where women gather together, share a meal, and speak to one another about the meaning of Christmas. There’s an official program of readings and carols. I understand the women have a lot of fun in it.

And they don’t need me!

The leader did ask me to come and give a brief opening devotion. Two minutes of my time and nothing more. I was thrilled! How awesome it is when Christians speak to others about the love of their Savior. They don’t need me for every little thing! Instead I went home and took care of my children so my wife could participate. The women took care of it.

To be fair, I did look over the program ahead of time. I wasn’t afraid of anything, but if something is being taught in the congregation entrusted to me, it’s my duty to make sure it lines up with Scripture. I’m happy to report: I needed do nothing concerning doctrine.

So, yes. As pastor, it was for the best I not get involved. This may sound weird, but I hope more things like this happen. I hope the congregation takes charge and speaks Jesus to others. They don’t need me for that!



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