I’m Like He-Man

Prince Adam grabs the Power Sword and holds it aloft. He cries out, “By the power of Grayskull…” Streams of energy shoot forth from the sword. He is bathed in a swath of light. His muscles bulge. He grows. He changes. He becomes… He-Man! He completes the transformation and declares, “I have the power!”

He beholds the sword in his hand. “Meh,” he finishes.

Yeah. I’m pretty sure that’s never happened in any iteration of the 80’s hero. You don’t declare you have amazing power and then shrug your shoulders and say, “Whatever.”

…but what if you do?

The first time I got to lead a church service, I remember being shocked at the power I wielded. I asked the congregation to stand. A hundred people stood up, just because I asked them to. I asked them to sit down. They sat back in the pews. It was shocking what I could do with just a few words. It was humbling. Who am I to wield power like that?

And then today. I don’t remember why, but I remembered that “blown away” feeling I used to have. And now? It’s simply part of the service. We stand when we hear Jesus’s words. We stand to pray to him. We stand for the last hymn. It’s just what happens.

I’m holding the Power Sword and saying, “Whatever.”

Of course, it’s not a bad thing to get used to certain aspects of ministry. I’m glad I’m not sick to the point of throwing up before delivering a sermon anymore. I still get nervous. I still pray for guidance, knowing that if this is going to fly, it’s because it’s God’s Word, and not because of anything I might have to say. It’s just no longer the crisis-every-week it used to be.

But then I think about who I am.

I used to be dead in my sins and transgressions, in the ways I used to live. God called me to life. He gave me faith, he caused these bones to be wrapped in flesh and he breathed the breath of life into me. He gave me immense power; I have his own Word. The same stuff he used to create the universe, and I get to use it every day.

What’s my response?


How dumb is that?

Of course, the solution isn’t to yell at myself for how stupid it is, but to be reawakened to it’s incredible power. I need to be in the Word, to see it with fresh eyes. I’m thrilled I was taught to read the original languages for every sermon text. It helps me slow down and discover the depth of God’s Word. A cursory reading never digs deep enough. Having to look up word meanings, to investigate grammatical ties, helps me to value the weight of God’s Word.

I’m glad I’m not so nervous I’m shaking anymore. I think it is time to reclaim some of the wonder, though. At least for me.

So, back to God’s Word. Time to see the wonder again.


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