Month: December 2016

No Tears


The tears didn’t arrive when I expected them.

The family had come to me requesting food. Not surprising here; we get the requests at random times, but often enough. We’ve got a food shelf for that very purpose, and an annual food drive around Christmas. We take all the food from the drive,divide it in three or four, get a turkey for each pile, and deliver to families in need. I selected this one family, among others.

They were grateful when I delivered. I got a number of “thank you” texts. It was all good.

And then I got an email. A gofundme campaign for the family. They were getting evicted. (more…)

In Stillness Waits


It is a desire that cannot be skin-deep. It is a longing that soaks through muscle and bone and vein.

This world is broken.

I can’t go into it. Some things have happened here in my call that are just… they hurt. My heart aches. I hurt for my people.

And yes. I hurt for me.

I kiss my kids goodnight. I hug them. I hold them longer than normal. They think I’m being silly.

I’m not.

I’m tired. I’m sick of the pain I see around me. I’m sick of my pain. I’m sick of the bitterness that wants to invade. I’m sick of the hollowness that promises to protect me. Neither bitterness nor hollowness will save me.

God, you promised! You said you’d come. I read the promises! A place where joy and gladness finally catch us, and sorrow flees! A place where we need no longer fear predators of any kind! A place where it’s safe for my children to play with vipers, because they won’t be harmed!

I’m waiting!

…I’m waiting. (more…)