Ordained for Growth… No More!

I suspect he’ll be back… 

I have a problem.

OK, besides that one.

See, I’m not just a pastor. I also happen to enjoy writing fiction. I’ve been published a handful of times. I even have a blog that contains a bunch of my stories!

…take a look at the date of the last post.

December 22.

So it’s been about six months since I updated that blog.

I’ve found that I can’t keep writing about writing, writing about ministry, and write things that may actually be good enough for publication. I haven’t posted to Seeking New Earth simply because I’ve been writing a novel.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, if I’m actually going to aim at publication, I need a platform for me as an author. Which means I should really have a “writing blog” that I update regularly. Granted, that doesn’t have to be weekly, but it should be regularly.

But if I’m writing my novel and keeping up that writing blog, it means dropping Ordained for Growth. That’s not acceptable to me. This blog is necessary for my health. Seriously – typing all this out helps me stay sane. If I lost this outlet, I think I’d be worse off for it, particularly when depression hits.

Which… kinda leaves me in a strange place.

I’ve been trying to brainstorm a solution that allows me a place for writing about ministry, a place that serves as a platform for me as an author, and still have time and imaginative energy to write “privately” aiming at publication. There’s a few options I’ve thought of:

I could collapse the two blogs into one, so that there’s one place for me to write about ministry and also post fiction stories and the like.

I’m not a fan of this option. While I am certainly one person, I suspect the person who may be reading this blog because of my struggles with depression or experiences in ministry would not be terribly interested in a story about a woman waitressing for an orc family. I could make it work, but I think I’d lose what makes Ordained for Growth a “safe” place for me to post. (And likewise, many people who enjoy stories about a cross-universal stalker probably aren’t terribly interested in reviews about religious books. Or, rather, the crossover is relatively slim.)

Could I set up a Facebook page for my authorial activities? That has some appeal to me. It takes far less energy to post something on FB than it takes to write a blog post. I could then post links for when I’m published, as well as try to support other friends I have that happen to be writers. (And one more bonus link!) At least as of now, I don’t think I’d need anything more than that. So this is the way I’m leaning.

But what do you think? Do you have a solution? Am I overthinking things? I do think I’m set to continue writing Ordained for Growth… I don’t think this blog is likely to change. But what do I know? 

Let me know in the comments, please!




  1. 1. It’s AWESOME that you’re working on a novel! I can’t wait to check it out!
    2. Thanks for the link!
    3. The facebook author page seems like a good solution for now. Finding creative energy for full-on blog posts on top of everything else you’re taking on sounds like an awful lot.
    4. I have a good friend who gets a GREAT deal of her platform activity from Twitter. I haven’t tried it because…well, I don’t want to. And I don’t have a smartphone so I couldn’t keep up with it. But maybe that would work as a fairly low commitment place to link to other things you’ve worked on, that wouldn’t take so much time an energy?
    5. Also, the same friend has been picked up recently, and her editor wants her on Instagram, cuz I guess that’s where the kids are at. I’ve heard that’s a pretty easy one to take on, again, with a smartphone, because it’s more about a picture/image than having to write a lot. I guess. This is all second-hand 😀
    6. Did I say it’s AWESOME that you’re working on a novel? Cuz it is!

    1. 1. Thank you! It’s… different. I often start with a single image and just write until I find the characters and story. Then I go back and basically start over once I have those. I’m in the “start over” aspect, so… I have a long way to go!

      2. You’re welcome!

      3. If I go the FB route, you can bet I’ll be linking your blog posts. 🙂

      4. I’ve… never been a Twit, so I’m not sure if I can Twitter… but then again, how hard can it be? [Suddenly the earth immolates]

      5. I’m not sure if I could do pictures… my writing tends to be far more speculative. Hard to find pictures of glass forests…

      6. Thank you again! 😀

  2. I am going through the very same thing at this time. I did end up collapsing my two blogs into one, since my writing is so involved with the subject of my first blog anyway (My first blog is an outreach blog to members of the mental health and substance abuse recovery community.) I am also considering a FB page for writing matters, but have not decided. So I have no solutions to offer but wish to let you know you are not alone. And don’t regret how complex the issue is for you; it means that your life is rich and multifaceted, which makes you have more to offer as a writer Good luck!

    1. It’s good to know I’m not alone; I appreciate that! And I see that your situation really is similar: We’re writing for two different audiences, even if there is crossover.

      Thanks for the commentary on having a multifaceted life, too. It’s good to not fit into just one box!

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