Review: Make Your Marriage Stronger

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Marriage Stronger
by Ron Garwood

You can have a better marriage, and there’s some things you can do to secure that better marriage. In this little book – less than 100 pages! – Ron Garwood guides the reader through some simple steps you can take to strengthen your marriage.

First off: There is nothing wrong with this book. All the information is gospel-based and solidly presented. The advice is good advice, and I stand behind it. If you’ve never read anything about how to strengthen a marriage, this is a good place to begin.

That said… maybe I’ve read too many books about marriage, but this was both way too shallow and way too deep for the length of the book.

The first tip is, “Remember God’s will for you in marriage.” It outlines what marriage is, as presented in the Bible, and what marriage isn’t. The chapter is good doctrine. I have no complaints. But… it feels like maybe the author wrote what he was going to, saw he needed to fill more space, and then tried going deeper but didn’t have room to do it. It’s weird; at the same time the information is basic, and yet… not.

The other chapters felt similar to me. The tips by themselves are good, and the kind of advice I’d give to any married couple: Be in prayer. Communicate with each other. There even solid practical advice on how to achieve all that, and it always points back to the Gospel for motivation.

And yet every chapter feels rushed.

I wish I could put my finger on it, but… well, there you have it.

If someone was looking for a stronger marriage and hadn’t yet done any reading on the subject, I think I’d use this book. However, if the person was a reader or already had taken in any info – including a lot of reliable free blogs out there on getting a better marriage – I think I’d point them elsewhere.

Again, nothing bad here at all. It just seems… rushed and not as deep as I’d like. Maybe the book would have been better served aiming to go even a little shallower to give the basic tips more room to breathe.

So, yeah. Not the worst book in the world by a long shot, but not my favorite, either.

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