I’m Jon, just a pastor in a small church. I’m a broken man whose only hope is that Jesus lived the life I don’t, who gave me that rightness with God even as he was punished for all the evil I’ve committed, commit, and will commit. Every week God grows me in him and in the ministry to his people. Join me as I discover the joys and miseries of ministry and continue to grow in the grace given me by God.


I welcome all comments and feedback! Feel free to stick around.


  1. Hey there! I admire the honesty of your blog as you do this thing with Jesus. Way to not front about your Walk with the Lord and minister to others. Keep up the good work.

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

  2. Greetings from CT!

    I really appreciate the messages on this blog. As a college student with both bipolar disorder and a deep love for Jesus, there’s a lot of stuff here that I’ve been really needing to hear

    1. Many, many thanks for the compliments! Yeah, my heart often lies to me — but Jesus doesn’t. And that’s hard to grapple with!

      (Sorry for the late reply — I’ve been away on vacation!)

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