bible breakfast

The End of the Week

It was a long week. We’re talking fourteen-hour days of ministry that usually ended with me not only physically exhausted but also emotionally exhausted. My youngest child decided now would be an awesome time to stop sleeping through the night. My day off was very far from restful. I didn’t get done what I wanted to get done. Oh, and this was supposed to be the lightest week of the month. Grand.

I’m working on the sermon. Really.

So you might understand that I was looking at the weekend with some trepidation. I saw a men’s Bible breakfast our church had been invited to; our men are not a group known for their exuberance for Bible study. We had an extended council meeting planned; council meetings may be the regularly-scheduled item that raises my blood pressure the highest. We had Sunday worship and Bible study, which is uplifting yet exhausting. Sunday afternoon our congregation hosted a Christian singer-songwriter, and I had no clue what turnout for that would be. After a long week, what would happen on this weekend?

Holy crap God knows how to make a guy smile. (more…)