All that is broken..


The fire gathered the people together. We sat around the circle, laughing, sharing life. About twenty of us from the church, parents and kids and single folks and older folks, all sitting around, the aroma of burning wood and burning marshmallows filling the night. A couple of the kids patrolled the circle. “Want me to make you a s’mores?” Apparently at some point the fun comes in making them for others.

And then I stepped forward. “Imagine… nothing. There’s nothing. Not just a space with nothing in it. There’s actually nothing there. And then God said… ‘Let’s have some light.’ And bam! There was light! And there was evening and morning, the first day. And God said, ‘This is good!’

Second day. God says that light is good, but it’s gotta shine on something! So he creates waters above and below. Look! A sky! And below, seas! And there was evening and morning, day two. And God said, ‘This is good!’

Third day. God likes the oceans, but there’s gotta be something to break them up. So he raises islands and peninsulas and continents! And the rocks are great, but there’s gotta be something growing on them. Plants! Trees and bushes and grass and –”

And now the kids are paying attention. “Wildflowers!” one calls out.

Moss!” yells another.

That’s right!” I answer. “And God looked around, and what did he say?”

This is good?” one child ventures.

This is good!” I savor the answer. (more…)