congregation member

Come Back

Calling people out isn’t the most fun thing in the world.

Last week I made a first visit to a congregation member that I’ve seen numerous times in her own home but only once or twice in church. Her son is going through confirmation and regularly is able to attend. That same son gets dropped off in time for worship services pretty often. But her? Not so much.

So, it was past time to make a visit. There were some choices coming up for her son in confirmation – I’m thinking of switching up a few aspects of the program, and he’s one of the ones It would affect the most. This mother also has a daughter (nominally a member of the congregation) who was born about two months ago and hasn’t been baptized. So, it was time to visit for other things.

The thing is, I know this woman. She’s not a person who is “too busy” for church the way so many say they are. She’s run ragged by her various children. She’s exhausted and badly needs the rest that only Jesus offers.

So, I asked her: “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in church. I know you’re busy. I’m not here to drop the hammer on you. I’m here to ask: How can I bring you Jesus?” (more…)


“He’ll be there.”

Pastors have been making sick calls for a long time…

One of my congregation members is having surgery today. I knew it was coming and called yesterday to double-check the time so I could be there for a devotion before the surgery. I usually stick around during the operations like this so I can give support and spend time with family. If there’s no family (or they’re distinctly not interested in having me around), I’ll simply bring my laptop and get some work done while I’m waiting.

ANYWAY… I called yesterday to double-check the time of the surgery. Good thing I did! The surgery had been moved to seven this morning, as opposed to late morning/early afternoon.

As I was talking with the member about the operation, she revealed something to me that’s totally unexpected.

Apparently, Sunday she was talking with another congregation member. At that point she already knew about the earlier surgery time. (I was gone on vacation until Monday morning, so I didn’t get the chance to talk at church.) She mentioned that she would be in the operation early, so she didn’t expect me to be there.

“Oh, he’ll be there,” the other congregation member assured.

“But he doesn’t have to be,” she answered.

“He’ll be there. That’s just the type of guy he is.” (more…)