A Weekend with the Family


Usually not a happy sight.

Of course I’ll take you.

Grandpa had open heart surgery. He’s a church member; I’d already been planing to take the one hour one-way trip to the hospital to see him. His daughter and grandchildren don’t have a car; they want to see grandpa, too. So up we went.

And on the way, not only did I get to spend time with my members… I got to know them better, and minister to them in their need. And then minister to grandpa in his need. And then minister to a sad and shaken family on the way back. Stepdad in the family was taught growing up that “Real men don’t cry.” I got to teach him otherwise. If it’s ok for Jesus to cry, it’s ok for you.

It is good to be the family of God. (more…)


Chaos, Christmas, Connections

Yesterday I got flour on my suit. It was well worth it.

Nine teens of the church gathered together to bake cookies. A woman of the congregation provided lunch, my family and hers provided baking materials, and we cranked some Christmas music. For a few hours after church had ended they took over the church kitchen and baked a large amount of cookies. A large amount was also eaten.

It was fun just being there. For the most part we stood back and let the teens do their thing. They helped one another, asked for help from us — let it be known, seventh grade boys don’t know to put flour down before spreading dough for the cookie cutters — and generally had a fun time. At the end, even after everyone got on a sugar high from copious amounts of devoured goodies, we had ten nice plates to hand out.

And then we left. (more…)