demon possession

What’s scarier… a demon, or Jesus?

The fire crackles. Smores have been eaten. The teens have gathered. It’s the last night of the teen camp-out for our church. The adults have done a good job keeping everything together.

I’ve come out to join them today. We went swimming. Had a Pac-Man¬†tournament. The guys have been flirting with every girl in the campsite. And now the sun has descended. The darkness has come. We’ve gathered together. They’re all looking at me.

“So… what’s scarier… a vampire or a werewolf?”

The young men break out into a spirited discussion of the comparative terror-inducing qualities of each brand of supernatural creature. They debate different kinds of vampires.

“What’s scarier… the mummy or Frankenstein’s monster?”

One young woman disappoints me a little by having no clue what the mummy is. The guys argue, but it’s not nearly as intense as before.

“What’s scarier… a demon or Jesus?”¬† (more…)