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Those Three Small Words


You don’t say, “I love you,” on a first date unless you really want to freak out the other person. I remember when dating wrestling on when to say, “I love you.” Too early, you freak the other person out. Too late, and they think the relationship is going nowhere. It’s an artful balance complicated by, you know, those crazy little emotion things.

I am done with the dating (barring God choosing to take my Bride home and me eventually dating again, but I’ll leave those thoughts for another day). I get to wake up daily with a woman I love, to whom I say, “I love you” often. I pray I live that commitment every day, not just in words, but also in actions. But it’s not weird for me to tell her that I love her, and it’s certainly not weird for her to return that thought. It’s good. It’s comfortable. It’s real.

How soon is too soon to tell my congregation that I love them? (more…)