Don’t Say It!

I said something in my sermon this past Sunday that may get me in trouble. I told the congregation, “Belonging to a church will not get you to heaven.”

In that part of the sermon, we were talking about how on the Last Day, all our comforts and distractions will be taken away. The ways we hide ourselves now from the knowledge that we WILL die and face judgment will be stripped away and we will face the Judge, with nothing between us and him. The distraction of TV — gone. The distraction of the internet — gone. The distraction of friends — gone. The comfort of what-I-did — gone. The comfort of but-I’m-better-than-him — gone. The comfort of church membership — gone.

It’s true. Church membership won’t get you into heaven. There will be plenty of people who belong to churches to whom Jesus will say, “I never knew you!” (more…)