Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Jesus + Nothing = Everything
by Tullian Tchividjian

Simple three-word review: Read this book.

Longer review!

I was at Northwestern Publishing House, my church’s, well, publishing house, when my wife spotted this book. It’s got a nice glossy black cover and the title just pops. Well, that certainly looks nice, and it trumpets the Gospel pretty darn effectively. I flip through, trying to find out more about the author.

He’s a Presbyterian guy and apparently head pastor at a mega-church. These things do not produce brownie points for me. Ah! He’s Billy Graham’s grandson. Well, that makes me think that I can expect certain things wrong.

In the back, I discover an appendix: Twenty-Six Books on the Gospel. Looking through this little section should tell me a lot about this book. So, I look through. I recognize a few names. Christless Christianity by Michael Horton, for example, sits on my shelf, though I’ve not yet read it. Wait a second – could it be? That’s not possible! He recommends God’s No and God’s Yes: The Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel by C. F. W. Walther, a classic in my own little corner of confessional Lutheranism! Did anyone even know such a book existed outside our circles? Apparently! (more…)